PHONE 479-751-0560 FAX 479-756-8059

Springdale, AR

Rental Assistance


For Income Limits, Fair Market Rent, Payment Standards, and Utility Allowances, please phone 479-751-0560, ext 200.


Click on the line below for a List of Participating Landlords. Landlords do not have to be on this list in order for you to rent from them. The list is for your convenience. You may also search the rental market in Springdale to find a unit that is suitable for you.


Participating Landlord list



Owners / Landlords

If you want to include a rental unit on our Landlord List, please contact the Housing Authority at 479-751-0560, ext. 202. You can also fill out the form below to submit to the Housing Authority via fax 479-756-8059. (Attn: Rental Assistance)